Twin Tigers

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Posted by shwangltd on August 25, 2015 at 4:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Thirty-nine years ago, I had a dream, a nightmare really, a very vivid dream that to this day I remember.  I didn't know then, and for many years after, what that dream meant.  I asked, I told it to many people hoping someone would tell me, because I knew there was a meaning.  The dream started with a friend and I riding a bicycle on a beautiful sunny day down a country road.  The birds were singing.  I could hear them.  And the air was fresh and cool in our faces. Then out of nowhere, there were these people running at us, people dressed in dark clothing, trying to grab my friend, and as we fought them suddenly the world wasn't sunny and green, but all in darkness, the trees barren skeletons of black.  It was cold.  Though my friend was saved, she was left in a state of shock, and I and another friend didn't know how to help her, so we took her to this place, the only place where the sun still shone, a place where there were beautiful gardens and things that I have no words to explain the beauty of.  There we met with someone, someone whose face I never saw, but who wore robes of white and gold, someone whose hand was all I saw, and this person gave me a task, to go back into that dark world to find those who had tried to take my friend.  But I wasn't alone when I went back.  There were many others with me, many others who had been given that same task, and throughout the dream, we sought out and found those hiding in the dark in secret, meeting in secret, planning to bring more darkness and evil.  At one point, I found myself in an old house in a clearing surrounded by a forest of dead twisting barren trees, and in that house there were prisoners begging to be freed, and as I stood there with them, evil people came and tried to make me a prisoner, but I sought the Lord through the Lord's Prayer and they couldn't touch me or the others, and then fire fell down on the house and on the evil people, and I and the prisoners escaped.  I led them to the gardens and to the person who had given me the task, and I went out again with the others, seeking and finding those hiding and plotting in secret in the dark places.  We were told not to harm them, took them not with violence or force, but told them they were our prisoners and were to come with us.  We took them to the person in the gardens.  What became of them after we turned them over, I don't know.  That wasn't our concern.  Our task was to bring them.  We had found more and had surrounded them in their lair, and I was telling them they were to come with us, when I felt someone behind me, a hand reaching over my shoulder, and I knew as I turned, who was there.  As I turned, I said, "We have your people, and soon we will have you."  And I faced him, saw him and knew him, the leader of the darkness.  He fled, and the rest of the dream I and those with me were always just one step behind him.  He was evasive, hard to catch, but we knew we would one day have him and take him to the  person in the garden.  Several dreams followed, in all of them the chase continued.  I remembered the face of the man behind me, the man I spoke to.  I've never forgotten that face. I never understood the dream, what it might mean, and I had finally decided it must not have meant anything.  I know now that I was mistaken, and I think I know what some of it means.  And that man, I know him now, not in a dream, but in real live.  From the moment I first laid eyes on him in 2007, I knew him, but didn't remember.  The sight of him made me physically sick, literally, and every time I see his face, I feel the same, only not literally.  It was only recently that I finally figured out why I have such a revulsion towards this man.  He was the man in the dream, that face  I have never forgotten.  The face of darkness, and I think that what God was telling me in that dream was that I and others have to go and uncover the darkness, to lead others to the light.  To help those who are captive and lead them to safety, and to unmask those who are behind the darkness.  I can't explain all that I have finally understood.  I am part of an army, and the man in the Garden, I knew and know.  That was the easy part. God sent us out into the dark world to find those who were creating evil and working in secret and in the dark to bring them to Him.  He didn't tell us what He did with them and we never knew.  We brought all to Him, those who were prisoners and those who weren't.  In that dream I saw the face of satan, and satan has many faces, but that one was shown to me for a reason.  And now I know why, because that face appeared in the flesh in 2007 and today is leading a secret darkness to bring destruction and devastation to the world.  He has made known his plans by his very actions, and I pray every single day that everything he does in the dark will be brought into the light, that all his lies and deceits will show him for who and what he is.  God is working to bring all the evil to an end.  He said that there would be those, even the elite, who would be fooled, who would listen and believe the lies and fall under the spell of this person who spoke of change and seemed to be so charismatic, but he has become what he is and can no longer hide.  Already he is trying to chip away at this nation, to destroy all that God created in this nation, to enslave the children of God and take away all of their freedoms, to push us into a dark world.  We are God's warriors, His army, sent out to find and bring those to Him who are working together with this man.  We can't stay silent, or stand by and do nothing.  We have a task.  God has already given us our weapons.  They are written in His Word.  And the strongest of these weapons is prayer, and our voices. Our prayers will be answered.  Already, the followers are being revealed, and we know who their leader is.  It's time to set to our task.  


It's Time To Stop

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These past few days, the networks have been showing season finales, and truthfully, I'm sick of the premises.  I am sick of the bad guys always winning...and not just on television and in the movies.  It's time to stop making heroes out of criminals and killers, of crying over them and trying to make them objects of pity.  

I am sick of people who kill people without remorse, who are smirking at every death, who think they are above the law and above God.  It's time to start remembering right from wrong, good from evil, and start speaking for the true victims, the real heroes.  How many servicemen and women from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan have returned minus limbs, with severe brain injuries, while their attackers, the enemies, are walking around whole, and laughing at America?  How many children have been murdered by those same people, innocent children blown up, raped, burned alive, dismembered, made into slaves, used as shields and bombs?  How many innocent people, especially women, the disabled, and elderly are used in the same way?  And how many are willing to finally stand up and say "enough of this"?  

Drug dealers shot while trying to escape capture, a murderer who brutally raped and buried alive his victim suffered during his electrocution, a man shot by by authorities while he was in process of robbing a store and then beating the owner...these monsters are being portrayed as sad and their deaths are causing riots and protests, and good men to be persecuted, while deaths of those who are victims of the riots, protests, who have lost homes, business, and livlihoods are ignored.  

People, wake up!  Stop hiding your heads in the sand, pretending all is well and all the "bad" stuff is going to go away.  Know this!  It is not going away, not until we stop sitting on our duffs and get vocal and stand up against what we know is wrong.  

We all know what is right and what is wrong.  We've learned this from childhood, we know it instinctively.  We make the choice whether to be good or evil,and there is no excuse for chosing the wrong one...everything we do, we are, is a matter of the choices we make.  It's no one else's fault. No one else is responsible.  So wake up!  Stop waiting for someone else to stand for you, to protect you, to speak for you.  If you can't do it for yourself, then you'll become a victim, a slave' it's your choice.  

If you love this land, love the freedoms you have, want to keep those freedoms, live in propsperity, raise your children in a place where they will be safe; if you honor the blood that has been shed to give you the lives you lead, blood spilled over centuries, lives willing given so we could have the land we live in, then stop relying on someone else to save you.  Speak up, speak out, and get off your duffs.  Silence is an enemy.  Tolerence of wrong breeds tyranny and enslaves people.  Stop letting a few tell you what you will or won't believe, do, be, or accept.  

There is a shadow over this land, the shadow of judgment because we have been too silent, to docile, to willing to give in to everything we know is wrong and evil.  I'm sick and tired of 'evil' always winning.  Because, in reality, in the end, the evil will all mean nothing and come to an eternal horrific end.  All evil.  All wrong.  And all those who think they will survive, that they have the edge because they feel confident in the lies and deceits, the complacency and the idleness, the immorality, will suffer with the evil.  Eternal damanation is real.  Eternal death is real.  And God's judgment is real, and very, very close.  He warned our forefathers and He's warning us.  It's time to listen, to change, to be right and good, and put a stop to terrorism in every form, for terrorism isn't just ISIS, or any of those enemies: it's every robbery, every rape, every murder, every criminal activity...anything that creates fear and rules by fear, is terrorism.  It's being afraid to speak, to stand, to take back, to guard, to protect, to stay free.  

It's time to stop, now. No more glorifying evil. No more pretending that you're safe.  No more being weak and foolish.  Get up!  Wake up. And don't just sit and yell at the television or internet or media for what is wrong.  Stand up and yell at the sources of the wrong, take action.  Make your voices heard everywhere.  Be an American!  Faith, strength, honor, freedom, unity, power...that is what America is.

O agenda

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The obama agenda: It's been said more than once that the only way to conquer America is from the inside out. Even the Emperor of Japan refused to attack America by landfall. His reason: every American would be hiding behind every rock with a gun. No one would attack the U.S. because she was recognized as a world power. There was only one way to do it. Our enemies researched and found that during the presidential elections, there were very few black votes. Step one, win the black vote. To do this would take a black candidate. They chose one, an unknown they put into office early to set the stage. This man was no an American, but they were able to hide that fact from the public. obama ran on the black vote ticket. In his first election there were more black people voting that had been in ten years. They were excited to have the first black presidential candidate, even though there was very little known about him

Even the white Americans were willing to take a chance, after all, John Kennedy faced similar adversity by being the first Catholic president. As predicted by the shadows backing obama, he won the election purly because he was the first black president. He was in power, which is what his people wanted. But that didn't work out quite like they thought it would. We have the Constiitution in place to keep the government from becoming a dictatorship. obama's real nationality was discovered, that not being a citizen, he had illegally run, against the Constitution. What to do? Pretend the truth didn't exist and forge a fake birth certificate in case the need arose to show it. obama's people didn't do that very well, but he had taken a foothold and refused to acknowledge his cover was blown. He had the majority of the Congress, people carefully selected and put in place to support him, either out of ignorance or complicity. He chose his advisors and cabinet from Muslims because obama is Muslim and our enemies are as well. That was their plan. Take over the government and then take over the law by ignoring it, subversing it, ignoring the people and bypassing the nation's laws. He was going to be dictator and carry out the plan to enslave and destroy this nation. The economy was next to go, but that didn't work out quite like expected either. He began to illegally bypass the Constitution and the laws, despite the transparency of what he was doing. Soon, secret plans were discovered and broadcast showing exactly what he and those working with him were planning to do. Cut the military

Create a lack of jobs. Take over the schools. And open the borders so that the real enemies could sneak in along with illegal aliens. Bring about a plague, control the medical care, and let as many Americans die as he could destroy, beginning with the children and the elderly. But Americans are smarter and wiser than our enemies gave us credit for. It didn't take long before obama's plans became so transparent, he couldn't hide them even if he wanted to. His reaction was to "control" the people, disarm them so they couldn't fight back. That didn't work either, because the American people have something no other nation in the world possesses; an inborn unity and strength, independence developed for over two hundred years, bred into each and every one of us. We seemed passive, and anyone who thinks we are is misled. There are many things we fight among ourselves about, but let no outsider attempt to start something, because we will fight back. We are children of pilgrams, of pioneers, whose strength and faith developed this nation. There is pride and we protect what is ours. We believe in the laws of this nation, and have done our best to do what we know is right, to let our voices be heard, and to look to our leaders for support. This is failing us. Our enemies believe they are winning and have in place their destruction machines, but it's not so. Too many have fought to keep our nation free, too many have died to end slavery and oppression to allow what they've fought and died for to be taken from them and end up enslaved again. To our leaders who oppose the obamanation, we look to you to do what is right. So far, you have made a lot of noise and done nothing but complain. You speak boldly yet your words are empty. Now it's time to listen to the people and take your stand for those who put you in office. The people are uniting. We will take our stand, are already doing so. The power was given to the people not to the government. We have voices and they are rising higher, coming together in this one cause, our freedom, and there we will stand strong, firm, united against all enemies. Leaders, the people have given you their edict. Now is the time for you to do what you were elected to do, protect our nation and our people. Why are you still standing still?



Against this, our leaders who oppose the obamanation, have made a lot of noise and done nothing but speak bold yet empty words. Now it's time to listen to the people and take a stand for those who put you in office. The people will take our stand, are already doing so. The power was given to the people not to the government. Our voices are coming together in this one cause, our freedom, and there we will stand strong, firm, united against all enemies. Leaders, the people have given you their edict. Now is the time for you to do what you were elected to do, protect our nation and our people. Why are you still standing still? Enough laws have been broken. Enough people have suffered. obama has gone this far. He must not be allowed to go any further.


False Teachers 1

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False Teachers part 1. (Life Application Bible, New International Version)


Right belief and right behavior are critical for anyone who desires to lead or serve effectively. We must know the truth in order to defend it. We should stay away from those who twist the words of the Bible for their own purposes. Christian character must be evident in every aspect of worship. We must rid ourselves of any anger, resentment, or offensive behavior.

Leaders must be wholly committed to Christ. Be sure to see God, not your own ambition. Be on guard against the false teachers. The false teachers are motivated by their own interest rather than Christ’s. They embroil the church in endless and irrelevant questions and controversies; taking precious time away from the study of the truth. We could also enter into worthless and irrelevant discussions, but such disputes quickly crowd out the life-changing message of Christ. Stay away from religious speculation and pointless theological arguments. Such exercises may seem harmless at first. But they have a way of side-tracking us from the central message of the gospel—the person and work of Jesus Christ. And they expend time we should use to share the gospel with others. You should avoid anything that keeps you from doing God’s work.

There are many leaders and authorities today who demand allegiance, some of whom would even have us turn from Christ to follow them. When they seem to know the Bible, their influence can be dangerously subtle. False teaching (1) promotes controversies instead of helping people to Jesus; (2) is often initiated by those who motivation is to make a name for them; will be contrary to the true meaning of the Scriptures. To protect yourself from the deception of false teachers, you should learn what the Bible teaches and remain steadfast in your faith in Christ alone.

False teachers are motivated by a spirit of curiosity and a desire to gain power and prestige. By contrast, genuine Christian teachers are motivated by sincere faith and a desire to do what is right. It may be exciting to impress people with our great knowledge, but high status based on falsehood is ultimately empty. Arguing about details of the Bible can send us off on interesting but irrelevant tangents and cause us to miss the intent of God’s message.

False teachers construct vast speculative systems and then argue about the minor details of their wholly imaginary ideas. We should allow nothing to distract us from the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ, the main point of Scripture. We should know what the Bible says, apply it to our lives daily, and teach it to others. When we do this, we will be able to evaluate all teachings in light of the central truth about Jesus. Don’t focus on the minute details of the Bible to the exclusion of the main point God is teaching you.

False teachers want to become famous as teachers of God’s law, but they don’t even understand the law’s purpose. The law is not meant to give believers a list of commands for every occasion, but to show unbelievers their sin and bring them to God.

The Biggest Mission

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The biggest missionary field is no longer overseas, but right here in the United States. Missionaries from overseas are coming here to lead us to God. In this country there is a “church on every corner”. Have you forgotten what those churches are? They aren’t recreation halls. They aren’t restaurants or free meal kitchens. They aren’t country clubs. They are houses of God, places of worship and praise. That cross on top of the building isn’t a decoration. It’s a beacon showing the only way to heaven. Do you wonder why this nation is in the condition it’s in? Because the people claiming to be “Christians”, who attend “church”, are silent. They’re keeping to themselves, shutting themselves in with people like them, whispering and complaining about the problems of the world, but doing nothing about them. It’s time to stop being the “silent” Christians. It’s time to speak very loudly, praise and shout to the Lord, give thanks and publically share Jesus. It’s time to know the Bible and live by its principles again.

satan has spoken loud and too long. It’s time to drown him out and put him back in his place. Jesus is coming back soon. Only God knows when, but it will be sooner than we can possibly know. All signs He said would be are happening right now; earthquakes, floods, disease, famine, wars, rumors of wars, extreme weather patterns, and “stars” falling from the sky. It’s time to open our eyes and realize what we have allowed to happen.

We were once the greatest and most respected nation in the world. We have become an example of humiliation and degradation. We have done this to ourselves by allowing complacency and laziness and silence into our nation. No one respects us anymore or believes in what we say we stand for. How can they when we aren’t standing up to what is right and real and true.

Preachers, it’s time for you to stop looking for prestige and start doing what God called you to do---preach and preach the truth. People, it’s time to stop hiding and praying in secret, to stop waiting for someone else to do something. You are someone. Stand up. Speak out. Remember what this country was built on and remember who built it. It wasn’t men of God. It was God Himself. If His hand hadn’t been on this nation, we would have long since been destroyed.

Some of you will laugh at this post. Some of you will roll your eyes and consider the writer a nut, or an idiot, or an imbecile. Go ahead. Believe what you will. Think what you will. But this isn’t ranting. This is simply the truth and no matter what you might think, the truth is the truth. I have been as guilty as the next person in my silence. I have allowed these things to go unchecked and waited for someone else to right them. But God will not be silenced, and I can no longer keep quiet. We all have the obligation to speak out and share God with everyone in the world, even if it’s one person at a time.



God Lives in My Heart

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Sharing God.

I believe in God. I believe the Bible was inspired by His words. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God. Having said that, I want to share my thoughts on who God is and my relationship with Him.

Now, I’ve been called names and told I was “dumb”, “stupid”, “ignorant”, “simple-minded”, and a dozen other adjectives for believing there is a God and that the Bible is anything but just another book. I’ve heard, “I don’t believe in God. I’m an atheist.” So many times from so many people and I honestly, truly don’t think they actually know the real meaning of that word or what being an ‘atheist’ is. They say it because they are afraid to say the opposite, just in case someone might call them dumb, stupid, ignorant, and simple minded. They want to ‘go with the flow’ not knowing that they are swimming against the tide, not with it.

Christians, real Christians, are supposed to share the Word of God with others. “Go into the world and preach the Gospel.” Not force people to believe or tell them they’re wrong because they don’t, but simply tell them God’s word, that God loves them no matter what they are or do or say, and let them know they don’t have to be afraid. Believing or not believing is a choice. God won’t make you believe. He asks you to. He wants you to, but He only offers the choice. We, as people, have to make our own decisions.

Christian means “followers of Christ and His teachings”. It does not mean there is a serious set of rules and regulations and anyone who doesn’t believe or follow those rules is wrong and damned. Jesus was a gentle man. Everything He did, He did for love, the love of God for His people; everything from healing the sick to suffering a horrible death on the cross for our sins. God loves us and being a Christian means that we, as followers of Christ, must also show that love, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness. The Bible, God’s Word, is His guidelines. There are rules, but His rules are to “love one another as God loves us.” If we love each other, then all the Commandments are met, because loving and caring for each other, we won’t want to kill, steal, dishonor our families, or curse God. It’s really very simple.

God is very matter of fact and clear in His Word on what He expects from us and what His rules are. He tells us in everyday living the difference from leading a life of sin and leading a life for Him. And we are to reflect these things in ourselves so others will see and know God is not a terrible, fierce, wrathful, vengeful being out to get us all. Far from that. Well, God is out to get us, get us to accept Him and live with Him eternally. His wrath falls on the devil and sin, and God tells us to “hate the sin” but “love the sinner” for it is by love the sinner is saved. Hate no one but the devil. We are to revile the sin, but not the sinner.

Whenever someone tells me, “I don’t believe in God” or rebukes me because I do, or has misconceptions learned from traditions rather than from the Word of God, I have a little trouble with the sharing God part. I can’t understand how anyone can’t believe in God. Just look around at this wonderous, mysterious, unbelievable world we live! How can you not believe in God? Well, I know some people just don’t, and that makes me sad, and angry. Instead of sharing, I want to shake them until their eyes roll around in their heads and their teeth rattle. That’s wrong. We can’t force anyone to believe. Sometimes I wish I could, but I’m not God and He doesn’t do that anyway. I have to work on that aspect of my spiritual walk. Still, it makes me sad and it makes me cry to encounter non-believers. It breaks my heart because I think of how much that person is missing and how empty and lonely they must be, even if they don’t know it.

Personally, I don’t believe, and not only because God said so, but because it just plain isn’t logical thinking that everything started out of nothing. I mean, there was nothing there , then suddenly “poof” there was. That’s never even happened, not in science or anything else. All matter starts from something, scientifically. Nothing just appears out of nowhere, out of thin air. That would be scary.

Genesis says that God created the heavens and the earth. It doesn’t say how. He created. How? No one knows because He didn’t go into a long drawn out explanation. Big Bang? Maybe. And maybe that was how He did it. But however it happened, it didn’t just happen. The Universe and everything in it was “formed”, created, it didn’t suddenly pop into existence.

This is not conjecture. This is logical thinking. This is also my belief. Nobody has to agree with me.

“God created man in His own image.” This is where things start to get a little tense for me. The Bible says God created “man” in His own image. “Man and woman, created He them.” Before them, He created a lot of other things, but nothing else in His own image. Apes, amoebas, etc. were already running around. God didn’t create them in His image or He would have said so. He created them separately. But Man He created in His own image.

There’s much controversy concerning man’s origins and some insist the Bible isn’t real because of Science. Okay, think about this. Again, the Bible says God created man in His own image. What the Bible does not say is what God looks like. There is no description ever given of God, other than the bright light. But Jesus was God’s Son, God incarnate, God in the flesh. He didn’t look like an ape, or an amoeba, or any other one cell creature. He didn’t look like a fish or a worm. If we think, we can see. I don’t believe any of my ancestors were monkeys, apes, single cell creatures, or fish. I don’t know of a single relative that looks like any of these things. We all pretty much look like any other person. Again, if one can’t believe out of faith, then think logically.

This is all my own conceptions and ideas, my beliefs and feelings. I believe the Bible is true. I believe because I have the faith to believe, and that’s really what it all comes down to…faith. You either believe or you don’t…take it on faith or not. Here’s my question to those who say they don’t: Would you rather not believe, and then find yourself standing in front of God for Him to pass judgment, having always denied Him and face His judgment? For God says, “if you deny me…then I will deny you.” If you stand in front of God at judgment, having denied Him always, He’ll be sad because He gave you every chance and choices, but He will judge you. Or would you rather live believing, having faith and living for God in the way He means for us to live, caring about each other, loving and helping and healing, and be wrong? Think of what your life would be even if God wasn’t.

Me? I’d rather live for God than face His wrath at judgment. I’d rather believe in eternal life than nothing after. I’d rather have hope than none.

God is. He always has been and will always be. He is the beginning and the end. He loves us and wants all of us to come to live with Him eternally. He cares about the least among us as much as He cares about the greatest. And He doesn’t care what we’ve done, where we’ve been, who we are, what we look like, what we wear, who our families are, what our education is; He loves us and wants the best for us.

God bless and keep all of us.