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False Teachers 1

Posted by shwangltd on October 15, 2014 at 10:00 PM

False Teachers part 1. (Life Application Bible, New International Version)


Right belief and right behavior are critical for anyone who desires to lead or serve effectively. We must know the truth in order to defend it. We should stay away from those who twist the words of the Bible for their own purposes. Christian character must be evident in every aspect of worship. We must rid ourselves of any anger, resentment, or offensive behavior.

Leaders must be wholly committed to Christ. Be sure to see God, not your own ambition. Be on guard against the false teachers. The false teachers are motivated by their own interest rather than Christ’s. They embroil the church in endless and irrelevant questions and controversies; taking precious time away from the study of the truth. We could also enter into worthless and irrelevant discussions, but such disputes quickly crowd out the life-changing message of Christ. Stay away from religious speculation and pointless theological arguments. Such exercises may seem harmless at first. But they have a way of side-tracking us from the central message of the gospel—the person and work of Jesus Christ. And they expend time we should use to share the gospel with others. You should avoid anything that keeps you from doing God’s work.

There are many leaders and authorities today who demand allegiance, some of whom would even have us turn from Christ to follow them. When they seem to know the Bible, their influence can be dangerously subtle. False teaching (1) promotes controversies instead of helping people to Jesus; (2) is often initiated by those who motivation is to make a name for them; will be contrary to the true meaning of the Scriptures. To protect yourself from the deception of false teachers, you should learn what the Bible teaches and remain steadfast in your faith in Christ alone.

False teachers are motivated by a spirit of curiosity and a desire to gain power and prestige. By contrast, genuine Christian teachers are motivated by sincere faith and a desire to do what is right. It may be exciting to impress people with our great knowledge, but high status based on falsehood is ultimately empty. Arguing about details of the Bible can send us off on interesting but irrelevant tangents and cause us to miss the intent of God’s message.

False teachers construct vast speculative systems and then argue about the minor details of their wholly imaginary ideas. We should allow nothing to distract us from the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ, the main point of Scripture. We should know what the Bible says, apply it to our lives daily, and teach it to others. When we do this, we will be able to evaluate all teachings in light of the central truth about Jesus. Don’t focus on the minute details of the Bible to the exclusion of the main point God is teaching you.

False teachers want to become famous as teachers of God’s law, but they don’t even understand the law’s purpose. The law is not meant to give believers a list of commands for every occasion, but to show unbelievers their sin and bring them to God.

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