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It's Time To Stop

Posted by shwangltd on May 12, 2015 at 9:00 PM

These past few days, the networks have been showing season finales, and truthfully, I'm sick of the premises.  I am sick of the bad guys always winning...and not just on television and in the movies.  It's time to stop making heroes out of criminals and killers, of crying over them and trying to make them objects of pity.  

I am sick of people who kill people without remorse, who are smirking at every death, who think they are above the law and above God.  It's time to start remembering right from wrong, good from evil, and start speaking for the true victims, the real heroes.  How many servicemen and women from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan have returned minus limbs, with severe brain injuries, while their attackers, the enemies, are walking around whole, and laughing at America?  How many children have been murdered by those same people, innocent children blown up, raped, burned alive, dismembered, made into slaves, used as shields and bombs?  How many innocent people, especially women, the disabled, and elderly are used in the same way?  And how many are willing to finally stand up and say "enough of this"?  

Drug dealers shot while trying to escape capture, a murderer who brutally raped and buried alive his victim suffered during his electrocution, a man shot by by authorities while he was in process of robbing a store and then beating the owner...these monsters are being portrayed as sad and their deaths are causing riots and protests, and good men to be persecuted, while deaths of those who are victims of the riots, protests, who have lost homes, business, and livlihoods are ignored.  

People, wake up!  Stop hiding your heads in the sand, pretending all is well and all the "bad" stuff is going to go away.  Know this!  It is not going away, not until we stop sitting on our duffs and get vocal and stand up against what we know is wrong.  

We all know what is right and what is wrong.  We've learned this from childhood, we know it instinctively.  We make the choice whether to be good or evil,and there is no excuse for chosing the wrong one...everything we do, we are, is a matter of the choices we make.  It's no one else's fault. No one else is responsible.  So wake up!  Stop waiting for someone else to stand for you, to protect you, to speak for you.  If you can't do it for yourself, then you'll become a victim, a slave' it's your choice.  

If you love this land, love the freedoms you have, want to keep those freedoms, live in propsperity, raise your children in a place where they will be safe; if you honor the blood that has been shed to give you the lives you lead, blood spilled over centuries, lives willing given so we could have the land we live in, then stop relying on someone else to save you.  Speak up, speak out, and get off your duffs.  Silence is an enemy.  Tolerence of wrong breeds tyranny and enslaves people.  Stop letting a few tell you what you will or won't believe, do, be, or accept.  

There is a shadow over this land, the shadow of judgment because we have been too silent, to docile, to willing to give in to everything we know is wrong and evil.  I'm sick and tired of 'evil' always winning.  Because, in reality, in the end, the evil will all mean nothing and come to an eternal horrific end.  All evil.  All wrong.  And all those who think they will survive, that they have the edge because they feel confident in the lies and deceits, the complacency and the idleness, the immorality, will suffer with the evil.  Eternal damanation is real.  Eternal death is real.  And God's judgment is real, and very, very close.  He warned our forefathers and He's warning us.  It's time to listen, to change, to be right and good, and put a stop to terrorism in every form, for terrorism isn't just ISIS, or any of those enemies: it's every robbery, every rape, every murder, every criminal activity...anything that creates fear and rules by fear, is terrorism.  It's being afraid to speak, to stand, to take back, to guard, to protect, to stay free.  

It's time to stop, now. No more glorifying evil. No more pretending that you're safe.  No more being weak and foolish.  Get up!  Wake up. And don't just sit and yell at the television or internet or media for what is wrong.  Stand up and yell at the sources of the wrong, take action.  Make your voices heard everywhere.  Be an American!  Faith, strength, honor, freedom, unity, power...that is what America is.

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