Twin Tigers

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Posted by shwangltd on August 25, 2015 at 4:50 AM

Thirty-nine years ago, I had a dream, a nightmare really, a very vivid dream that to this day I remember.  I didn't know then, and for many years after, what that dream meant.  I asked, I told it to many people hoping someone would tell me, because I knew there was a meaning.  The dream started with a friend and I riding a bicycle on a beautiful sunny day down a country road.  The birds were singing.  I could hear them.  And the air was fresh and cool in our faces. Then out of nowhere, there were these people running at us, people dressed in dark clothing, trying to grab my friend, and as we fought them suddenly the world wasn't sunny and green, but all in darkness, the trees barren skeletons of black.  It was cold.  Though my friend was saved, she was left in a state of shock, and I and another friend didn't know how to help her, so we took her to this place, the only place where the sun still shone, a place where there were beautiful gardens and things that I have no words to explain the beauty of.  There we met with someone, someone whose face I never saw, but who wore robes of white and gold, someone whose hand was all I saw, and this person gave me a task, to go back into that dark world to find those who had tried to take my friend.  But I wasn't alone when I went back.  There were many others with me, many others who had been given that same task, and throughout the dream, we sought out and found those hiding in the dark in secret, meeting in secret, planning to bring more darkness and evil.  At one point, I found myself in an old house in a clearing surrounded by a forest of dead twisting barren trees, and in that house there were prisoners begging to be freed, and as I stood there with them, evil people came and tried to make me a prisoner, but I sought the Lord through the Lord's Prayer and they couldn't touch me or the others, and then fire fell down on the house and on the evil people, and I and the prisoners escaped.  I led them to the gardens and to the person who had given me the task, and I went out again with the others, seeking and finding those hiding and plotting in secret in the dark places.  We were told not to harm them, took them not with violence or force, but told them they were our prisoners and were to come with us.  We took them to the person in the gardens.  What became of them after we turned them over, I don't know.  That wasn't our concern.  Our task was to bring them.  We had found more and had surrounded them in their lair, and I was telling them they were to come with us, when I felt someone behind me, a hand reaching over my shoulder, and I knew as I turned, who was there.  As I turned, I said, "We have your people, and soon we will have you."  And I faced him, saw him and knew him, the leader of the darkness.  He fled, and the rest of the dream I and those with me were always just one step behind him.  He was evasive, hard to catch, but we knew we would one day have him and take him to the  person in the garden.  Several dreams followed, in all of them the chase continued.  I remembered the face of the man behind me, the man I spoke to.  I've never forgotten that face. I never understood the dream, what it might mean, and I had finally decided it must not have meant anything.  I know now that I was mistaken, and I think I know what some of it means.  And that man, I know him now, not in a dream, but in real live.  From the moment I first laid eyes on him in 2007, I knew him, but didn't remember.  The sight of him made me physically sick, literally, and every time I see his face, I feel the same, only not literally.  It was only recently that I finally figured out why I have such a revulsion towards this man.  He was the man in the dream, that face  I have never forgotten.  The face of darkness, and I think that what God was telling me in that dream was that I and others have to go and uncover the darkness, to lead others to the light.  To help those who are captive and lead them to safety, and to unmask those who are behind the darkness.  I can't explain all that I have finally understood.  I am part of an army, and the man in the Garden, I knew and know.  That was the easy part. God sent us out into the dark world to find those who were creating evil and working in secret and in the dark to bring them to Him.  He didn't tell us what He did with them and we never knew.  We brought all to Him, those who were prisoners and those who weren't.  In that dream I saw the face of satan, and satan has many faces, but that one was shown to me for a reason.  And now I know why, because that face appeared in the flesh in 2007 and today is leading a secret darkness to bring destruction and devastation to the world.  He has made known his plans by his very actions, and I pray every single day that everything he does in the dark will be brought into the light, that all his lies and deceits will show him for who and what he is.  God is working to bring all the evil to an end.  He said that there would be those, even the elite, who would be fooled, who would listen and believe the lies and fall under the spell of this person who spoke of change and seemed to be so charismatic, but he has become what he is and can no longer hide.  Already he is trying to chip away at this nation, to destroy all that God created in this nation, to enslave the children of God and take away all of their freedoms, to push us into a dark world.  We are God's warriors, His army, sent out to find and bring those to Him who are working together with this man.  We can't stay silent, or stand by and do nothing.  We have a task.  God has already given us our weapons.  They are written in His Word.  And the strongest of these weapons is prayer, and our voices. Our prayers will be answered.  Already, the followers are being revealed, and we know who their leader is.  It's time to set to our task.  


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